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JavaScript is switched off or not working — that's okay! InputOutput works fine without it.

Privacy Policy

You should be able to perform basic tasks online without having your personal information collected and sold to people who want to change your behaviour — e.g. advertisers, governments, and special interest groups. doesn't collect any identifiable information on you or the device you're using.

That's all, but for clarity you may like to know that:

  • InputOutput will never ask you for personal information.
  • Any information that you **choose** to share with InputOutput — e.g. through the [contact form](/contact), is deleted as soon as it is no longer needed.
  • The information you enter into tools on InputOutput is not collected.
  • If JavaScript is enabled the tools run entirely on your device.
  • If JavaScript is disabled (a notice will display letting you know), forms will submit the data to a server which sends the transformed data back to you.

Server-side analytics

InputOutput uses Netlify server-side Analytics.

No tracking scripts run on your device — and no personal information is collected.

Instead InputOutput uses **server side** analytics to count how many people are visiting the site, and what website and country they are coming from — this information is not tied to you or your device.