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Unicode text normalizer

Use this tool to convert unusual unicode characters back into regular text. For instance: Convert "🄴𝔵𝕒𝓂𝕡𝐋🄴" back to "example"

Normalized text

What is normalizing unicode?

Unicode is the system of text used online. It contains all the alphabets of most languages, as well as symbols, emojis, and other helpful characters.

However, some characters that are visually similar for humans, are actually different characters in Unicode, and intepreted differently by computers.

For instance, g, 𝔤, 𝚐, 𝕘, ℊ, 𝑔, 𝗴, and g all look like g, but have different purposes. There's lots of reasons why this is annoying and harmful — Learn more about why these characters are bad.

This tool changes all of those different gs back into the original, canonical form.