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Help make this website more accessible

Everyone should be able to perform basic tasks online, regardless of their abilities, situation, or status.

Most of the web is designed to lazily extract as much money from you as possible.

Websites that claim to help you perform simple tasks — often fail to have the most basic accessibility features — like focusable elements, or a high enough color-contrast — making them useless for many people.

Attempts to make a site more accessible — if they exist — are an after thought — or an attempt to avoid being sued.

This websites takes a broad approach to accessibilty.

Accessibility on the web is often thought of as being for people with visual impairments — but there are many other factors that make a website inaccessible.

  • Phyiscal impairments
  • Cognitive deficits
  • Bandwidth and Latency
  • Older or low
  • powered devices
  • Expensive mobile data
  • Security issues
  • Software constraints

The accessibility goals of this website

  • Full WCAG AAA compliance
  • Every page should be under 14kB in size
  • Every tool should work (optionally) without JavaScript
  • No personal data collection or tracking
  • It should work on as many devices as possible (with the exception of this interfering with security)

    I don't know everything about accessibility, but I want to! So, if you spot anything wrong with this website, please let me know using the contact form. You can read more about how this website works on the about page.

    Many Thanks —